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2021-12-20 07:46:02

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The action in BitLife does not stop, which leads us to tell you how to complete the Elf Challenge.

What to know about the elf challenge in BitLife?

This is a new Christmas challenge that arrives for these holidays, where it consists of several objectives, these being to be born a boy in New York, give gifts to 30 different people, have 50 voice lessons and be a famous author, now for the precise details As for How to complete the Elf Challenge, let's see the following content.

How to complete the Elf Challenge in BitLife?

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What we will do first is the creation of a male character, it being important that he is born in New York, after the passage of his life we ​​must give 30 gifts to the people who come to be in our life in BitLife, this when interacting With them and offer them, whether they are people from school, work or those close to them, it is necessary in terms of How to complete the Elf Challenge that we have money to buy these gifts, we can even change jobs to accumulate to whom we will give them.

It is important that for the purpose of the gifts we have a positive relationship of at least 50 percent before the gifts are accepted, it is ideal that we always check the gifts and the finances that we have, the following regarding How to complete the Challenge Del Duende are the 50 voice lessons, this being young is possible, so being 18 years old you have to pay for them, the sooner, the better, we will make it possible in the activities tab of the mind and body menu, the last thing we will do In this challenge of BitLife is to be a famous author, certainly this is more complex, because it requires a high level of intelligence and that we graduate from university in English, considering this aspect we will come out with the title of editor, now with the qualification and the Smarts you get the job for sure.

The trajectory that leads us to complete this objective will go through 7 to 10 years, so being 30 years old our character will have achieved it, it is important to obtain the role in case of not seeing the option of writer, which would put us to wait until the opportunity arises in the occupation section, once we have completed this challenge we will have access to a random choice of object to add to our avatar.

Knowing how to complete the Elf Challenge is interesting because we can continue to progress in BitLife.

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