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BitLife: How to Call Someone a Fool

2020-04-02 12:08:33

In a world as interesting as that of BitLife it is necessary to know how to call someone dumb and here we are going to tell you.

Why call someone fool in BitLife?

Obviously freedom here is an extraordinary thing, because perhaps it is even better than it could be in real life, and making antics could present itself as an excellent challenge, because jokes could catapult us into something over a long period, which implies Directly have knowledge about How to Call Someone a Fool while we spend our lives smiling.

What are the rules of the April Fool's Challenge in BitLife?

It is important to make clear that here there are no requirements or conditions, since we have the possibility of seeing our character either graduating or aging in one way or another is to have a good time, so we will leave you here the rules of the challenges.

  • Clown for a few years, which means turning it into a job.
  • Make a joke at least once a year for about 50 years.
  • Call some dumb person.
  • Just get to play with our pink finger.

How to become a clown in BitLife?

Before knowing how to call someone silly, it is pertinent to know how we can become clowns, because this is really a complex but necessary challenge, since it is a job that we must achieve and that is probably not very simple but the important thing is to try it.

After having got the job we must keep it and make it more consecutive as the years go by, since our objective is to prevail, the layoffs would lead us to a precipice. Meanwhile, another of our objectives is to achieve bonds of friendship, and with just three years of work we could receive our check and dedicate ourselves to something else, but what we want here is to continue our work, because in a way there is no reason to wanting to change it, although if you decide to change it it is your own decision and nobody is going to stop you.

How to call someone fool in BitLife?

 We are already big and with a job so we can live freely and without further complications, it is time to go for one of our parents and insult them, for this it is necessary to look for the Insult option, we can do it a number of times to such a point in the that we can call them fools, the good thing about this activity is that on the one hand we can do it as many times as we consider necessary during a year, because remember that when we do it we have the possibility of getting a loan, but why do it with our parents? ? Well, the truth is that they would never attack us, instead a stranger could harm us and that is the last thing we want.

How to prank people at BitLife?

 One of the necessary requirements to know how to call someone silly is making jokes, because it is good and perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind that we can only make them to those who are related to us, because the ideal is to have some friends, as soon as We have them it is only a matter of selecting the option of jokes, of course we can use it up to a certain limit while we are chatting, because what we want is to do some jokes not to eliminate our friendship, because this does represent a strong blow for us, counting on that We can see this option for at least 14 years.

 Jokes are necessary and we must do them as soon as possible, because our character must stay as healthy as possible, because we can add exercise to get to live for at least 64 years so that we can make jokes for about 50 years, based on in making them to friends and coworkers.

How to play the pink finger challenge in BitLife?

 Jokes should always be practically our letter of introduction to keep us active, as we will always have to open ourselves to the spirit of the challenge, of course this does not mean that you must necessarily meet this challenge, since there is the possibility of not doing it and nobody could complain about it for us. .

 Finally, knowing how to call someone fool is simply part of the quality of our jokes and really close people that we can count on as we venture into BitLife.

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