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BitLife: How to Be a Pilot

2020-05-14 20:03:48

BitLife has provided us with a form so close to reality that we cannot waste, I invite you to learn how to be a pilot

Definitely BitLife brings us so many real activities that simply show us a reflection of what we could be, because there are so many similarities with real life that this makes it even more interesting, where popularity has an important and fundamental value.

Why be a Pilot in BitLife?

In this simulator game, knowing how to be a pilot is one of the many interesting activities that we can carry out, since there are doctors, models, chefs, farmers, pornstars, ministers, in short, many occupations and we can choose the one that we consider most viable for develop, as each in its own way offers its advantages and here we are to explore.

Our task today is to know how to be a pilot, counting on the fact that the idea of ​​flying through the skies generates enough adrenaline and opens opportunities for us to experience other things, since for some it would be a dream come true. As BitLife has made updates there are more opportunities to do more tasks, do new things, learn, grow professionally, and these are features that are simply valuable, allowing us to learn them.

What are the requirements to be a pilot in BitLife?

.Learning an activity as complex as being an airplane pilot is not a simple task in real life, and this is no different in BitLife, since it requires some fundamental requirements, since there is no activity that is easy to do or easy to learn when it turns out to be valuable.

These are the requirements that you must have to be a pilot:

  • Study hard.
  • Read books.
  • Keep the intelligence level high.
  • Be one of the best students at BitLife.
  • Have excellent skills.
  • Taking courses in Psychology or Biology is vital to know how to be a pilot.
  • A course of medicine.
  • Do not miss any class.
  • Avoid going to jail, that is, keep away from illegal activities.
  • Avoid gambling.
  • avoid alcohol.

Knowing how to be a pilot allows us to obtain knowledge in various areas, since it is necessary to know a little about everything even when flying seems not to have any relationship, but making exotic trips so merits it, it is only necessary to learn to stick to the routine and comply with these requirements to lead a calmer life. We may consider that being a doctor or going to a similar job should not have anything to do with being a pilot, but in BitLife everything is possible and there is nothing more interesting than being prepared.

Now that we know the requirements and we have enrolled in the Medical School, it is time to fight to get out in the class, because hard study leads us to achieve great things and if we do not do it well, we will never be able to know how to be pilot, nobody will hire a vicious, a bum or a drunk.

How to be a pilot in BitLife?

Once we have managed to graduate from medical school it is time to look for other options and getting a job as a pilot apprentice seems to be the most favorable activity right now, but it is not an easy career to do it since it is necessary to have some amount of stars, so it is advisable to do some secondary work that allows us to get much more money but always within the framework of legality.

This task to know how to be a pilot can take a little time, because it is necessary to make our professional career as successful as possible, because good treatment with our colleagues presents excellent incidents, so let's wait some time and professional excellence, after Some time it is good to check that the job as a pilot is available in BitLife, it will only be necessary to press the button to accept it and continue working hard to continue growing every day more.

In one way or another, knowing how to be a pilot simply makes us consider excellent professionalism challenges in BitLife, go ahead, try it because it is simply worth it.

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