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PUBG Mobile: how to auto aim

2020-05-13 13:11:41

The action in PUBG Mobile does not stop, we invite you to discover how to auto aim

Why is it feasible to know how to auto aim in PUBG Mobile?

Normally, action games are usually the most requested, the most played and therefore the most entertaining for the entire public, in the particular case of PUBG Mobile it does not change the opinion, since the action and the shots make it the center of attraction and Perhaps it is there that automatically aiming can become the most important and interesting requirement.

How to auto aim in PUBG Mobile?

 The first thing we need to know is the way in which it is possible to adjust the aim and this is achieved by touching the adjustment gear wheel that is located in the bottom corner on the right side, then Scope and there we can make some change to the color of the reticle.

 The need to use the gyroscope of the phone, this allows us to help aim and use this movement for sight in the game, we have the possibility of pointing while in a certain range and it is possible to use the phone to move it, as this can replace to the joystick.

 Another option is to activate or deactivate the aim and for this it is necessary to point in the right direction, it is possible to use Settings / Basic.

 Speed ​​and agility are a fundamental part and this means that it will be necessary to go to Settings / Basic / Gyroscope and there we get an option to use it.

 Finally, there are several options to achieve the necessary adjustments and thus know how to auto aim, as it is an important requirement in PUBG Mobile.

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