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Valorant: How to Fix Installer Error

2020-05-13 12:57:53

Definitely the bugs are the order of the day and Valorant is immersed in them, let's see How to fix the installer error

  Valorant is a shooting game that really is not at all pleasant to miss, and even more so if it is due to mistakes that have nothing directly to do with us, as it is a very enthusiastic game where experience and missions are values that make us want to play it. .

Why is this installer error occurring in Valorant?

  Normally it is quite common to find errors in games and specifically in this it has some that can make our lives a little bit of squares but that we must manage to answer, and it is highly possible that this may be due to the instability of the Beta version , but in one way or another, here we are going to explain how to repair the installer error based on the need to ensure that this game can be enjoyed with much more peace of mind.

How to fix the installer error in Valorant?

 This error is undoubtedly causing enough annoyance in the players because only when it launches does it indicate a message that says “The application has not been installed because its configuration is incorrect. Please check the application log or use the command line tool sxstrace.exe for more details, ”which is quite tedious because we are bitter about existence when we want to progress our progress.

 One of the details by which it would be visible to get such an error is to review the installer log a little more thoroughly, since there we have the possibility to review this context: "C: UsersCENSOREDDownloadsInstall VALORANT.exe". Error in the manifest or file policy "C: UsersCENSOREDDownloadsInstall VALORANT.exe" on line 0. Invalid Xml syntax.

 This failure has unleashed quite a lot of annoyance in many players who have chosen to use Reddit to talk about it, and the need arises to know how to repair the installer error, since it is presented to us as an XML file that simply does not serve absolutely Nothing, but don't worry, because here are some tips that can help you and get you out of trouble.

 To repair this error in Valorant it is necessary:

  •  Downloading the installer version can be done from Google Drive.
  • Then you need to move the installer file to C: Program Files (x86).
  • Then we will have to right click on this installer and select Run as Administrator there.
  • Then right-click on it and select the option: Run as Administrator.
  • Finally press Apply, then OK and then launch the installer, this makes the error simply completely eliminated and we can play again with ease.

 Finally, knowing how to repair the installer error is simply not a complicated issue, it is only necessary to apply a simple process but if we do not, we will not be able to get any progress in Valorant that is becoming more interesting.

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