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One of the most important tasks in any game is to know how to save your game and we are going to talk to you about this in this Battletoads guide.

What does Battletoads bring us?

This is a game where the protagonists are toads and we have the ability to control them, interesting, right? Well, although this is not new because previously there have been similar games if it is possible to consider some changes, as any new game is possible count new enemies that it is not possible to neglect as this could make us lose progress in the levels.

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    How to save your game in Battletoads?

    There is the possibility of considering that this game can save itself and this is easy to observe since you will be able to see an icon that has a certain resemblance to a target and is located at the bottom of your screen, this usually happens when you reach a certain control point or are you near the end of the level.

    Unfortunately, there is no manual saving, which could be more favorable since you could save where you consider necessary, it only remains to play and when the save icon appears, this process will be carried out automatically, so when you exit the game it is saved there and when We return to access it is possible to start where you left off, you just wait for the icon to appear and disappear, with this you will avoid losing progress in this game.

      This is all you need to know about how to save your game, as there is definitely nothing if not a single option in Battletoads.

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