Lidia Rozo
2020-08-21 10:29:54

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Our guide today on Battletoads allows us to explain how to get through enemy defense, let's see.

How to know that an enemy has the defense raised in Battletoads?

This is a game where there is an interesting variety in relation to the enemies, but this does not end here because it is possible to observe some amount of movements of which it is necessary to be aware since some may end up being somewhat more complicated than others, however it is good to know that there are two interesting options to know when an enemy can have the defense raised and they are:

As long as the enemies are not dying, it is possible to consider the defense raised, this is because they do not particularly have any damage but they do not usually do so either.

Another point to know that the defense is up is that they usually have something that works as a shield, no matter what enemy it is.
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How to get through enemy defense in Battletoads?

This is a fairly simple task and it only requires holding down the B button and loading a Smash Hits since it usually does considerable damage with a single hit, in addition, it avoids the defense of the enemy, after this it will be necessary to release the B button and this allows us to go through their defense where we manage to stun or why not defeat the enemy, of course the objective here is not to eliminate them, it is to break their defenses but there are times when it is possible to go further.

Now that you know how to get through enemy defense, it is time to install yourself to play Battletoads and see that it is more than a simple game of toads.