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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-08-21 16:43:06

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Guide to learn how to use turbo bikes in Battletoads

For those who remember this classic video game, this game was released in 1994 and if you have a good memory you will automatically have thought about how difficult it was to use the turbo bike. Now with the new version released in this year (2020) it is much more forgiving with these levels you can even relax trying to control.

So we will teach you everything you need to know to be able to master this classic video game.

How to use turbo bikes in Battletoads?

If we start to compare both versions of the game, you will notice that the most important difference is that the current version of the Turbike sections is that the camera no longer points to one side. Instead, the orientation is behind the frogs, allowing you to see oncoming obstacles.
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While this removes much of the difficulty and memorization, you will still need to time the movements accordingly.

Now to be able to use one of these turbo bikes you will have to learn a few different ways to traverse while in vehicles, but the general movement is controlled with the left stick. Use it to avoid obstacles as they arise. In some cases the walls will appear much faster than normal, so you will have to run from left to right. Running to the left requires you to press LB, while running to the right is done using the RB.

You will be required to use speed due to holes in the ground, pipes and other parts of the speed tracks and this can be done by pressing the A button.

If you are unlucky and hit an obstacle, it will knock you out for a few seconds. For single player players, this will change it to one of the other two toads.

Now that you know how to use turbo bikes in Battletoads, if you practice enough you will become an expert to master this option in the game. Luck!

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