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We invite you to discover How to change the difficulty, a possible option in Rogue Legacy 2.

What to know about the difficulty in Rogue Legacy 2?

The enemies in this game are usually very difficult to overcome, certainly at some point we want to know how to change the difficulty, which can help us if possible to have a more comfortable route, to see more details we will have to closely follow the following content Well, let's do it then.
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How to change the difficulty in Rogue Legacy 2?

  It is not possible to make this change in a common way, the further we advance the game will become easier, this is because when we die we will have control of another new character and it is possible to have the capabilities and gold that we had when we died with it. previous character, in this way the obstacles will be increasingly easier to overcome, we will also continue to improve in terms of health and the damage that we will be able to cause, only that time will be greater to consume progress, one of the key aspects Also that will play in our favor is the playability of the character, since with some we can perform better than with others, while we play it is ideal that we do tests in all aspects.

  We hope that the information detailed here on How to change the difficulty will be very useful in your progress and fun in Rogue Legacy 2.

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