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Find out how to beat teleporting enemies in this amazing and explanatory Battletoads guide.

What to know about enemies that teleport in Battletoads?

They are enemies that we will not be able to attack normally, no matter how hard we try to hit them it will be useless, for this we have to use some strategy, so to know how to defeat the enemies that teleport we are going to have the support of the content that will be presented next in this guide, we just have to see what it is about.
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    How to beat opponents who teleport in Battletoads?

    To defeat these enemies it is necessary that we hold down the B in order to execute a transformation blow, another option is that with the LT and aiming at B we will be able to avoid them and they will be stunned which will give us enough chance to hit them more easily One point in favor is that this class of enemies do not attack very often, we just have to defeat them to progress without being so aware of their attacks, the ideal is to stun them first and then hit them until they disappear.

      Now that you know how to beat teleporting enemies, then just do it and keep advancing in this incredible game as Battletoads.

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