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Learn how to obtain the Splint Mould in Baldur's Gate 3 with our comprehensive guide. Get all the tips and tricks you need to succeed!

Welcome, adventurers, to the mystical world of Baldur's Gate 3! As you embark on your thrilling journey through this captivating realm, you may find yourself in need of the elusive Splint Mould. Fear not, for in this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the secrets to locating and utilizing the Splint Mould, allowing you to craft the formidable Adamantine Splint Armour and elevate your adventuring prowess to new heights. Join us as we delve into the depths of Baldur's Gate 3 and unveil the path to obtaining the Splint Mould.

Location of the Splint Mould

To begin our quest for the Splint Mould, we must first pinpoint its exact location. Head northeast from the Ancient Forge Waypoint, navigating through the treacherous terrain with caution and vigilance. As you traverse the rugged landscape, be on the lookout for a body lying on a small ledge next to a colossal, enigmatic cog. This will serve as a crucial landmark on your journey to uncover the Splint Mould.

Continuing onwards, you will eventually discover the Splint Mould resting on a rock ledge that overlooks the mesmerizing and perilous pools of molten lava. The coordinates of this pivotal location are X: -593, Y: 311. Keep your senses keen and your wits sharp as you approach this precarious site, for the path to the Splint Mould is fraught with challenges and obstacles that demand your utmost resolve.

Reaching the Mould

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Having identified the location of the Splint Mould, the next step is to surmount the physical barriers that stand between you and this coveted artefact. As you stand before the precipice, you may observe a railing that separates you from the rock ledge where the Splint Mould awaits. Summon your courage and take a leap of faith, vaulting over the railing to bridge the gap and draw ever closer to your goal.

Should you prefer a more daring approach, consider employing the art of leaping from a distance to reach the rock ledge. With nimble agility and unwavering determination, you can defy gravity and seize the Splint Mould, bringing it within your grasp and one step closer to unlocking its formidable potential.

Utilizing the Mould

Congratulations, intrepid adventurer! You have successfully obtained the Splint Mould, a testament to your indomitable spirit and unwavering resolve. Now, it is time to harness the power of this enigmatic artefact and unlock its true potential. Journey to the Adamantine Forge, a place of mystic significance and unparalleled craftsmanship, where the secrets of forging the Adamantine Splint Armour await.

At the Adamantine Forge, channel your inner artisan and wield the Splint Mould with purpose and precision. Combine it with the coveted Mithral Ore, a precious resource of immense value and rarity, to initiate the transcendent process of crafting the Adamantine Splint Armour. As the forge blazes with ethereal flames and echoes with the symphony of creation, witness the birth of a masterpiece that will adorn and protect you in the trials that lie ahead.

Additional Moulds

While the Splint Mould holds great significance in your quest for empowerment, it is essential to acknowledge the presence of other moulds that abound in this mystical realm. Among these treasures is the Mace Mould, a potent artefact that bestows the knowledge to forge formidable weapons of war. Located in close proximity to the Splint Mould, the Mace Mould represents another opportunity to expand your arsenal and fortify your capabilities in the face of adversity.

With the knowledge and guidance provided in this comprehensive guide, you are well-equipped to embark on the quest for the Splint Mould in Baldur's Gate 3. As you traverse the formidable landscapes and unravel the mysteries that await, may the Splint Mould serve as a symbol of your unwavering determination and boundless potential. We wish you success in your endeavours, as you forge your path and shape your destiny amidst the wonders of Baldur's Gate 3. Happy exploring and crafting, intrepid adventurers!

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