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Ashen: Where to find all talismans

2019-12-10 13:48:17

If you want to move on but you don't know where to find all talismans in Ashen you are in luck, because we prepare a complete guide to tell you where.

What are talismans in Ashen for?

These elements allow your character to obtain an increase in statistics among other improvements, you can use them from the "Talismans" menu from the "Gear" menu, as long as you have completed the Light Annex.

Where to find all talismans in Ashen?

In order to use talismans you will have to talk to Amara in Vagrant’s for 1,000 Scoria and you will be able to unlock more as you go along, although next we will tell you where to find all the talismans and what each one does.

This talisman makes enemies have a 30 percent chance of dropping a spear thrown.

2nd air.
This talisman reduces the resistance required to run in the game by 50 percent.

This talisman will allow you to gain 1 percent resistance against all types of damage every 5 seconds when a partner is close. The effect is limited to 10 percent and it will be necessary to be close to a partner for the effect to be activated.

Axung Hominis
This talisman will allow you to get a 15 percent chance of acquiring Axung Hominis that falls from the deaths.

This talisman will allow you to get a damage limit of 25 percent in 50 percent when a partner dies until you rest in a ritual stone. To unlock it, you must return Cunning Pestle to Silaren.

This talisman will allow you to get 25 percent chance of acquiring additional handicraft materials from the defeated enemies and is unlocked by giving Vorsa Roamer Horn in the game.

This talisman will allow you to get a 25 percent bonus to stun as long as you have a flashlight on hand.

This talisman will allow you to stay away from Vagrant's Rest will continue to increase your maximum HP to a maximum of 25.

This talisman will allow you to achieve 10 percent resistance regeneration with the Talisman.

This talisman will allow you to open all the doors yourself.

Last Stand.
This talisman will allow you to do more damage as your HP drops.

Minor Constitution / Major Constitution.
This is what allows you to increase your overall resistance by 2 percent. You can acquire the Great Constitution after completing the Clarity stage of the Vorsa secondary mission.

Vigor minor / Vigor major.
While this provides an increase to your maximum HP by 2 percent. The Great Vigor, on the other hand, increases it by 5 percent. You unlock it after completing Blood Ties for Jokell.

This is our guide on where to find all talismans in Ashen, we hope it has been very useful for you and you can find all the talismans as soon as possible to get the most out of each one according to the berries you need.

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