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Darksiders Genesis: How to Beat Moloch - tips and tricks

2019-12-11 08:13:53

We are ready and hope you are too, because here we have everything you need on how to beat Moloch in Darksiders Genesis.

Who is Moloch in Darksiders Genesis?

This is one of the main bosses of the game, the list of main bosses is made up of five bosses and we will name them below:

  • Dagon.
  • Moloch.
  • Mammon.
  • Belial.
  • Astarte.

Moloch is the final boss of the game and naturally being the final boss turns this battle into a very complicated battle that will make many players wonder how to beat Moloch. But fortunately we have this well covered already, because we have prepared everything you need to know next.

How to beat Moloch in Darksiders Genesis?

The first thing that you should keep in mind are the movement and attack patterns of this powerful boss, this will allow you to evade them just in time and avoid being reached, remember that the amount of damage you take is not small. Be sure to monitor the movements and health points in your character.

Avoid in any way possible cornering or you will be practically lost because the boss will not let you out, instead you want to stay in the center of the arena.

Avoid his attacks and try to kite him in the middle of the sand taking advantage of any egg to attack. War is the best choice for this based on its strength. Although Strife is another pretty good option thanks to its reach and speed.

When starting the second base of the battle, try to avoid the AOE attacks that Moloch will launch against you, for this you will simply have to jump on them and recover the health points whenever possible until it ends.

When the battle is over you will return to the void to appreciate the final scene of the game.

Now that you know how to beat Moloch, you are ready to finish the end of Darksiders Genesis, we hope you have been very useful our guide and that you can beat both this and the other four main bosses of the game easily.

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