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In the universe of Ark Survival Evolved we have many tasks, one of them is How to tame a Featherlight in Ark Survival Evolved and here it will be covered.

What to know about the Featherlight in Ark Survival Evolved?

 It is a shoulder pet that when tamed we will use its abilities as our own, despite not being so outstanding in combat, it becomes an Aberration creature, it has unique abilities, it allows the illumination of an area around our survivor, managing to make the nameless ones that are present on the Aberration map leave, we even weaken the harvesters that seek to attack us, only that the seekers will be attracted and this is a disadvantage, added to this we have with this creature a passive detection, which helps us to be attentive by notifying us of the nearby presence of a high-level creature, we will even know about an enemy player when seen near us, now looking to know how to tame a Featherlight in Ark Survival Evolved let's follow the following content carefully.

How to tame a Featherlight in Ark Survival Evolved?

 The biomes in which this creature is found are such as Valguero, Genesis, Crystal Isles, Genesis Part 2 and Fjordur for the aberrant areas, while for the Aberration map we have to go to The Spine in dangerous areas of the map, here we will want to kill everywhere, added to this we need the following elements to tame them:
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  • A hazard suit if we're on the aberration map, having a backup one.
  • On the aberration map, another light pet.
  • A shotgun to defend ourselves

Plant Species Z Seeds, Auric Mushrooms or Raw Meat, given that this creature is level 150 tamed with a servitor for speed 1 to do so requires 5 Plant Species Z Seeds or 25 Auric Mushrooms, too we can consider the use of blood elixir that allows meekness to be boosted by 30 percent for a single occasion.

 The taming must be done passively for the Featherlight, by knocking it out we cannot tame it, what we will do is wait for its landing to feed it manually by placing food in our quick access slot, with the interaction key at the moment we are indicating we will feed it, it will fly a short distance that allows us to monitor them, even track them through the Taming option in the menu, it is possible to prevent it from flying away using a tent on the creature.

 In conclusion, knowing how to tame a Featherlight in Ark Survival Evolved is interesting because it allows us to develop and have more fun in such a fast-paced game.

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