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Quick guide to learn how to speed level in Archero

Your skill level at Archero is very important in monitoring your progress. Maximum levels for heroes and teams, talent upgrades, and more are limited by your current level. Leveling up in the game can be tedious and a long and exhausting blow by traditional means, the good news is there is a good trick to quickly leveling up.

How to speed level in Archero?

You must be clear that the experience acquired is the same affected from the stage in which it ends.

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    To use this simple trick to level up quickly, simply start the hardest chapter you've unlocked, then die the enemies in the first room. Although you do not earn many coins, the experience you earn in each one will be the same.

    The only downside is the loss of energy, so only do it if you have extra energy at the end of the day. If you need more energy, you can always see some ads or spend some gems (not recommended).

    Quick guide to learn how to accelerate the level in Archero you will be able to unlock many things with greater speed than it would have taken you normally.

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