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WhatsApp has become quite a useful tool lately but it has some flaws, let's see how to fix notifications that don't work

What is WhatsApp?

This is simply an application used by smart phones whose mission is messaging, where they can receive photos, videos, documents, among others, and works with the internet, we can also communicate with friends and family through devices such as iPhones or Android, but As it is cheap and highly popular, it has some drawbacks, leading us to look for a quick answer to how to solve notifications that do not work.
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How do I get notifications not working in WhatsApp error?


 Knowing how to solve notifications that do not work is part of the need to be clear exactly how these errors appear, and that is that in some cases it is possible to count on these problems appearing on the lock screens, this does not discriminate against any, it does it with everyone. It is equally applicable for iPnones, Android, on the Web and with Windows, it only allows displaying messages within WhatsApp and does not issue any alerts, there is also the possibility that some settings and preferences are incorrect, which have managed to disable notifications.


 How to fix notifications not working in WhatsApp?


 The possibility that notifications do not work the registration but can be solved without major inconvenience, for this take into account these necessary tips.


  •  Manage WiFi on Android.
  • Manage airplane mode in Windows.
  • Disabling airplane mode is vital as it causes connectivity issues.
  • Manage airplane mode on iPhones.
  • Check that we are truly online.

 Normally notifications are received when we call or send a message, so one way to check it is by asking a friend to family to send us some messages, as this allows us to check if our solutions have served, in addition to having the possibility that These notifications can be activated and for this it is only necessary to open WhatsApp and go to the configuration and then to notifications and make sure that these are simply activated.


 It is possible to have a preference that is activated, if the switch is green, since the Do not disturb setting can bring us some inconveniences in relation to notifications, so it is time to check that some of them are not active and can do make notifications silent allowing us to do so.


  •  Manage silent hours in Windows.
  • Manage Do not disturb on Android.
  • Manage Do Not Disturb on iPhones.
  • The need to turn off the WiFi.


 Knowing How to solve the notifications that do not work lead us to explore a little more WhatsApp than what we colloquially do, because it is necessary to check that the WiFi can be turned off, or simply we are facing the possibility of the internet fallen, for which it is necessary:


  •  Turn off WiFi
  • Restart the Windows PC or laptop.
  • Restart our mobile device.
  • Install the latest updates.
  • Update Android.
  • Update Windows 10.
  • Update iOS.

The possibility of updating WhatsApp.


 Our task today is to explain how to fix notifications that do not work and this may be slightly related to the possibility of not having updates to WhatsApp, so it may be necessary to run it, as there are probably some features that may stop working between which could be the notifications, implying with it the need to update regularly, making clear that it is vital:


  •  Update Android applications.
  • Update apps for iOS.
  • Update applications for Windows.

It is possible to have low consumption mode activated in WhatsApp.

Low consumption simply applies to the possibility of running out of battery allowing us to extend it a little more, but this implies that notifications can simply be distorted, and to avoid this it is ideal to have:


  •  The fact of organizing the low consumption mode for Android.
  • Organize low consumption for iPhone.
  • Organize battery saving in Windows.
  • How to fix notifications not working by checking settings in WhatsApp?


 The possibility that there may be some altered settings can make the notifications not work for it is important to verify that the settings are activated, the for this is necessary.



  • Go to the application manager, then to WhatsApp, then to notifications.
  • In the background it is necessary to go to Settings, then WhatsApp and check that the updates are activated.


  • We go to Settings, then WhatsApp, then Notifications.
  • Open the application manager, then WhatsApp, then Data usage to verify that this option is not checked and may cause restrictions.


Is there a possibility to receive notifications from WhatsApp on another device?


 It is likely that, for this reason, it is necessary to know how to solve the notifications that do not work, because with this we will have more certainty if we really receive them or not, since we will have to check it by logging out on our device, this can usually occur when logging in. many places. The idea is to log in on a single device, and proceed to activate the notifications to know each time they call you, or write, because every time we connect there is the possibility of being notified.


Finally, it is necessary to know how to solve the notifications that do not work, since this implies the ability to know when they write or call us and thus put the WhatsApp to good use.

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