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Guide to learn how to get more gems in the Archero video game

  If you have had the opportunity to play this video game you should know in advance that gems are the premium exchangeable coins of said game. You can buy these gems in the store, or with a little patience (and the help of a simple Archero trick) you can grow them quite easily.
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    So how do you get more gems in Archero?

    Obtaining gems can bring you many benefits, such as leveling up, unlocking skills, among other things. One of the easiest ways to collect such gems is by viewing ads daily that offers 30 reward gems, some sapphires, and a small boost of energy.

    With these methods, you can easily earn over 3000 gems per month.

    He also cultivates gems and is spinning the wheel of fortune after defeating the bosses. The wheel of fortune will not appear if the devil appears (take damage to avoid this), and you will first have to look at an advertisement. These types of rewards are only valid 5 times a day, and being something completely random it is not sure that you will receive gems but coins.

    There is a little trick to secure gems instead of coins on said wheel of fortune. If it seems that the wheel will stop on coins instead of gems, quickly close the game. When you reopen, you won't receive any rewards, but you won't use one of your five daily rewards either. You can now turn again after another boss and hope for a better result.

     Remember that to learn how to get more gems in Archero without having to redeem them in the store, the best thing you can do is follow these simple steps and always be constant to get bonuses.

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