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Angel Marquez
2021-01-04 19:20:28

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With our Archero guide you will learn more about the Promotional Codes for January 2021.

What to know about promotional codes in Archero?

With these codes you have access to many things for free, among which the gems, coins, loot and different objects that are useful stand out, these codes are presented and lost quickly, so it is ideal to know which Codes January 2021 promo codes and apply them while you can, then it's good to consider the details below.
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What are the Promo Codes for January 2021 at Archero?

The introduction of the codes is possible through the settings presented in the gear icon, having the option it is important to consider the following:


 The available ones:

  • 2021: 2,021 Coins and coupons


  • image: Coins x2000, energy x20 and the chest key
  • YOUTH: Coins x6100, Gems x61 and Energy x10
  • archero1: Coins x 2000, Gems x100 and Owl Pet x1
  • archerowin: Coins x2000, Gems x20 and Shining Robe x1
  • archerofun: Coins x5000, gems x 20 and golden key x1
  • archerogo: Sapphires x20, gems x20 and scrolls
  • archeroduo: Coins x2000, gems x20 and ring x1
  • goodarcher: Coins x5000, gems x 20 and golden key x1
  • archerhi: Coins x5000, gems x10 and golden key x1
  • HTOT: Coins x1031, Gems x100 and Golden Key x1

 We hope that the information detailed here about the Promotional Codes for January 2021 has been useful for your fun at Archero.

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