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Minecraft Dungeons is a game with a lot of mobility and so much so that today it leads us to discover How to get Emeralds.

  Due to the many problems caused by the pandemic, the launch of Minecraft Dungeons has been delayed, which in principle would be in April, now we will have it for May 26, 2020, where this game consists only of caterpillars, it will not there will be no construction of the previous form of the avatars, we will have the availability on the most prominent platforms, supporting the option of 4 players, in addition to the online multiplayer option, this time we are looking for a solution to How to get Emeralds and details are in this guide.
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    What to know about the Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons?

    The emeralds in this game have been like the coins that allow us to exchange things, so it is very necessary that we find them, because of this the content that is to come next will be of great support, so if we seek to know more details just continue reading is more than enough.

    How to get Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons?

     Access to the emeralds will be with the following actions, such as: winning in battles against enemies and bosses, accessing hidden secrets, killing pigs with breasts, completing missions and equipment and rescue material , in this way we will get large amounts of emeralds, which plays a very important role as it is actually the currency of exchange in the game.

    By accumulating a large number of emeralds, it is necessary to have the idea of ​​how to use them, we will be able to do many things, highlighting the updating of our weapons and equipment in the camp, it is ideal with them to make purchases from the local NPC vendors, the which have new weapons and equipment for sale, we can even sell those weapons and resources that are no longer necessary to use, with which we are going to get some emeralds too, the meeting with some errant merchants can lead us to collect emeralds , We will even meet several of the traders who give many investment opportunities with these, while we make updates in a continuous way we will get more power, which will make our lives easier in this incredible game.

     Knowing how to get Emeralds is very interesting, in this way we can develop and have much more fun in Minecraft Dungeons.

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