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Ambar Jimenez
2020-08-14 15:50:14

There is nothing worse than a lagging game or experiencing connection issues right when you are about to clutch. Unfortunately, not every game has the hardware to support the vast amount of players, which is why sometimes the game freezes or you are experiencing connection issues.

Apex Legends attracted 10 million players in the first 72 hours, which was unexpected even for the game creators. They are constantly trying to improve the gameplay by providing a stable connection, but it seems like they are not quite there yet.

Fortunately, for every problem, there’s a solution and in today’s article, we will go through the tips that will help you mitigate some of your problems and get back to the action.

1.    Avoid Using Other Bandwidth-sucking Devices

This might seem like an obvious thing to do, but whenever possible, you must ensure that your bandwidth or your internet connection is all about supporting Apex legends.

There are plenty of other devices in your home that is using the same connection which compromises your gameplay. If another device is used on the same network, you need to make sure that your router is prioritizing the device you play Apex legends on.

Try disconnecting all devices on the same network, and resetting your router. Then boot up Apex Legends first, the get the best juice out of your connection.

2.    Turn off or pause Auto Downloads/Updates on your Console

If you have auto downloads turned on, your console might be downloading huge content that makes your game lag. Often these settings are turned on by default, and your console might be downloading a Fortnite update in the background.

3.    Restart Apex Legends

Restarting the game to improve your connectivity is a method commonly used on PC, but it can also work on console. By restarting the game, you might improve the odd lag that occurs occasionally.
It doesn’t hurt to try, so you might as well do it.

4.    Reinstall the game

In none of the tips above worked for you, it is time to reinstall Apex Legends. The process of deleting the game and reinstalling it can turn out to be an easy fix for your connection issues.

The game is only 12GB, so it shouldn’t take a crazy amount of time, but if there is a new update, you will have to wait a bit longer. Sometimes games like these have bags that will not allow a stable connection to your router.

5.    Boost your internet connection

Make sure you have enough juice to support your gameplay. Consult with your internet provider on the amount of upload and download for your internet package. Sometimes, you need to bump up your package to make sure you have stable gameplay.

6.    Use LAN Cable

As we all know, the wireless connection is unstable. Plus, if your router is far away from your console, you might have issues by not providing enough signal to support your gameplay.

Try switching to LAN cable to get a much more stable connection and full signal at all times. Make sure you update your settings on your console since it can still be using a wireless connection even after you’ve plugged in a LAN cable.
Final Words

If none of the tips worked for you, you are out of luck, and you will have to wait for Respawn to provide more server stability and connection improvements. Respawn’s servers are not quite good, but they are far more improved since the release of Apex Legends.

Fortunately, they are aware of this issue and constantly working on improving the stability of their servers. So, sometimes we have to wait until they’ve reached the optimal server capacity in order to have gameplay as faster as a horse in the Twinspires.com Kentucky Derby odds. You also start playing when the server is not packed with people, so choose your time wisely.


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