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With our help you will see that knowing how does Winter Express work in Apex Legends is easier than you thought.

What to know about Winter Express in Apex Legends?

  It is a way that we can access considering the date of Christmas as a tradition, it is one of the elements that is in charge of combining the modes of Battle Royale and arena, achieving with this having a freight train of the squads, seeking to be up-to-date. So much of everything is opportune that we know How Winter Express works in Apex Legends and to do it we have the following indications, let's see.

How does Winter Express work in Apex Legends?

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It is a modified version that consists of 3 teams of trios, where the purpose of seeking control of the train or eliminating the opponents, being necessary to win in 3 rounds to win the game, for each legend when we start we must choose one of the 5 configurations which are predetermined, we can change them after being eliminated, when seeing the health exhausted in its entirety we will be eliminated instantly, we will have unlimited shield batteries and first-aid kits, the train area requires waiting so that later it can be seen with the POI Among the locations to consider looking at this based on World's Edge as an environment we have are Capitol City, Fool's Gulch, Refinery and Derailment.

  Winning the round, whoever achieves it will have an advantage for the next one, appearing on the train automatically, the others will be seen arriving in a supply ship, similar to Battle Royale modes, it requires strategies for each team, those of us who are in the train we must use definitive defense abilities, such as Newcastle or Catalyst, managing to make blocks around the train area, those of us who arrive at the ship have the objective of going to the train station, the availability of this mode is from December 6 at 1 p.m. m. ET until December 27, related to the Wintertide Collection event, a Christmas festival that contains 24 collectible cosmetics, outfits, weapon skins, and charms.

  It is evident that knowing How Winter Express works in Apex Legends allows us to have more fun and progress in this busy game.

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