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We are back for Apex Legends and this time we come to tell you all about the Armed and Dangerous Mode Guide, let's see

What is Armed and Dangerous in Apex Legends?

 It is necessary to know in this Guide to the armed and dangerous mode that this is simply a game mode with which we started in Mozambique, with a level 1 Holo and Evo Shield optics, as it is part of the limited time game modes here only it is possible to have snipers and shotguns as weapons.

What is the Guide to armed and dangerous mode in Apex Legends?

 In order to carry out an excellent game, it is necessary to consider the following steps to choose:

 Loot similar to a professional: An interesting detail here is that the gold weapons are not blocked, also they are already equipped which can make our work much easier, in addition to that it is possible to find them on the ground in Apex Legends, between looting it is necessary to find a total of 9 weapons distributed between 4 shotguns and 5 sniper rifles, and it is even available to us:

  •  The golden charge rifle.
  • The golden EVA-8 rifle.
  • The peacemaker.
  • The crab.

The equipments or calluses: a necessary task in this game is to fight to get rid of Mozambique as soon as possible and for this it is necessary to understand this Guide in the armed and dangerous way, as it is necessary to understand that we can choose to replace it with a shotgun such as the Mastiff , since normally it is necessary to have a shotgun in slot one and a sniper in slot two, which can place us before the possibility of placing the digital threat optics in 1X in our shotgun and 4x10x in our sniper.

 For this mode it is necessary to be able to generate a safe long-distance shot for which it is possible to do that of the Longbow, however, the rifles are still our best bet and this is because they are capable of delivering more damage in the long run. distance.
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    • The battle of two distances: it is necessary to carry out two particular strategies, since it is necessary to fight in a somewhat different way than what can simply be a normal game, since here in Apex Legends we find the possibility of using short weapons and long range.
    • Two close, one behind: The strategies in this game are simply fantastic so you know the Guide to the armed and dangerous mode is simply interesting, because this makes it quite difficult for our enemy to compete against us unless he manages to catch up , because here we are presented with the possibility of having shotguns to do damage on high ground in addition to some considerable damage with sniper.
    • It is necessary to weaken and then knock down: This is a task that can work very well being on the high sides, since it is possible to jump without having to move extra, we can execute the Loba jump, the Octane jump platform or simply the portal of the Specters, because the idea of ​​this is the element of surprise, which allows us to choose to weaken our enemy and then use the mobility ability such as the Scout's zip line.

     Definitely Apex Legends has managed to keep us busy and with this Armed and Dangerous Mode Guide allows us to get an even more interesting game than it already is, just put it into practice.

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