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Among Us: How To Play As Ghosts

2020-09-18 09:00:56

Knowing how to play as ghosts is an interesting task that we can carry out in Among Us, let's see.

Why play as a ghost in Among Us?

  This is actually an interesting task since it can allow us to achieve victory in the games, we can apply it to the members of our team, this usually happens when we have been killed by an impostor, since with this we manage to become a ghostly impostor. that it may actually become a more useful task than we might think.

How to play as ghosts in Among Us?

 It is necessary to understand that there are some disadvantages, because we have to stand idly by when we observe an emergency caused by sabotage, we just have to be expectant and ready, another detail is that we are gray, however, it is possible to read the chats but it is not possible that living players can read what we write, but if they choose to converse with other ghosts.

 Knowing how to play as ghosts allows us to mix, because we can get an unlimited version which ensures a safe shot, we also do not collide with any of the walls, we can choose to move around the map calmly, which makes many are interested in being on this side, also when we are crewmates we can choose to do a task with a visible animation as a ghost in Among Us and when an impostor enters, pretend that it was this who has done it, as this is a matter of care but it will May the team win.

 If we are impostors and we have become ghosts it is possible to carry out some sabotage activities, here is the need to know how to play as ghosts, because we can get to catch an innocent player in a room, so that a living impostor can kill him, because this It allows to leave out other members as long as our impostor friends agree, since we particularly cannot kill anyone but we can achieve sabotage in Among Us.

 In this sense, knowing how to play as ghosts allows us to do tasks without anyone being able to see us in Among Us, even when this implies using the innocence of others.

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