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WWE 2K Battlegrounds allows us to have a lot of fun and this means knowing how to get more Bucks

What are Bucks in WWE 2K Battlegrounds?

  These are nothing more than a type of currency that we can get and use in this game, you have different uses, among which is buying costumes and other elements that are necessary for the players, it is only possible to win them directly by fighting or buying them with money real, whatever the form it is necessary to have them, since

How to get more Bucks in WWE 2K Battlegrounds?


  •   Once we have finished a fight, it is possible to get rewards in which it is possible to have XP and money,
  • The objectives are usually completed during the matches in a daily challenge that can allow us to get some amount of Bucks.
  • Completing a combat through exhibition or campaign allows us to receive dollars and increase XP after leveling up.
  • Every day there are challenges where it is possible to get Bucks.
  • To get the challenges it is only necessary to go to the Daily Challenges tab that is located at the bottom of our screen.
  • To discard the daily challenge it is necessary to move over the objective and for this it is only necessary to select X for Xbox One players / Square for PS4 players / Y for Nintendo Switch.

  Now that you know how to get more Bucks it's time to go for them at WWE 2K Battlegrounds and see how useful they can be.

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