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2020-09-18 08:44:57

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The new challenges in Fortnite lead us to explain where to find all Gorger and Gatherer spawns.

What to know about the Gorger and Gatherer spawns in Fortnite?

We have that there are several challenges that have to do with the Gorgers and the Gatherers, the first one is about large machines that have very powerful laser weapons and these are in charge of emboldening the Gatherers that are smaller, they are weak but if they arrive To be a dangerous obstacle for our group, the fourth and fifth weeks of the challenges have to do with these, it is important to note that a Gorger will appear in each game, it is necessary that we know where to find all Gorger and Gatherer spawns and in this guide we will have the answers below.

Where to find all the Gorger and Gatherer spawns in Fortnite?

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What we will do is jump in a Choppa, after the storm occurs in a game we will have the appearance of the Gorger, while when we are in the air it will be easier for us to notice the places in the distance, this Gorger will cause a ray of red light to shoot into the sky, which will give us an indication of where it is and we will find it, certainly these are difficult to eliminate, since in bright yellow areas you have to shoot in most of the , it is necessary that we avoid charge attacks because they will sometimes do us a lot of damage, we have to be able to have an effect on what is surrounding it, so if we get too close it will cause us damage, while the Gatherer can deal with they more easily, when they die they explode in a short time, which helps us to take it before this happens and launch one of its attacks, which helps us to use them as weapons.

Finally, now that we are aware of where to find all  Gorger and Gatherer spawns, it is possible to complete another of the interesting challenges that Fortnite offers us.

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