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This time we return with a Amnesia Rebirth guide, aiming to explain how to solve the laboratory orb puzzle.

What to know about the puzzle of the laboratory orb in Amnesia Rebirth?

There are endless puzzles in this game, some being more complex than others, specifically this laboratory orb is one of the most difficult to complete, so if we seek to progress and cannot go from this point, it is necessary that we understand How to solve the laboratory orb puzzle and the following details will give us the precise answers, let's see.

How to solve the lab orb puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth?

We have to get to the laboratory first, it is necessary to do a puzzle that consists of looking for and picking up a pointed object, which is on the floor that serves to reflect the light from the wall, in front of a statue we must place it, this way we will be able to enter the Amnesia Rebirth laboratory, with the objective of making the machine that is in this main room work.

Looking for the solution to How to solve the puzzle of the laboratory orb we have to enter the main room we must see the sphere that we will use with the machine, it is to the right of the side room at the back on a workbench, we take it and in another From the workbench we find another one of the pointed light reflectors, it is necessary that we take it out of the main room and take it to the corridor that is on the left, when approaching the first door that is On the left, we have to open it, which will take us to a terrace, having in the background a creature that is living by means of a life support powered by an alien battery.
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What we will do now in this part of Amnesia Rebirth is take the battery to put it in the machine, what we will do is leave here to find the stairs to go up, but first it is necessary that we see the stairwell, where you can see A laboratory with some instruments, having here the second battery necessary for the machine, so we must bear in mind that for How to solve the puzzle of the laboratory orb the two batteries are required, after we have both in our power then upload the stairs, entering the main room with the light reflector to put it near the machine, at some point we are going to be locked in the laboratory, we have to do the installation of the two batteries in a certain part of the machine in the part where they locate about three square blocks.

What we will do when we have put both batteries is go to the main machine that is on the left and now we will place the central support sphere, it is now necessary that we find the combination of codes required to be able to activate the machine, it is all three Circular symbols in the center in the second row from the top, having everything ready as to How to solve the laboratory orb puzzle, the next thing is to test the machine by pressing the button that is in the place where we place the batteries, in this way they will be teleported The three blocks to the nearby room, we must even send the light reflector, for this we place it in the place where the blocks were and by pressing the button we will see the room open, from which we will take the orb of the machine to be able to open the doors, passing through a next room that requires the amulet to access the stone door in Amnesia Rebirth, when passing through here we arrive at the next area a to c continue.

It is clear that knowing how to solve the laboratory orb puzzle allows us to progress and have more fun with Amnesia Rebirth.

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