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We have made for you a Amnesia Rebirth guide where we tell you How to get the radio, let's see.

What is the use radio in Amnesia Rebirth?

Our tour of this world of terror, and many puzzles, it is necessary to consider knowing How to get the radio since its main use here is the search for survivors, which we can perfectly do when we are in the barracks, since there is no need to work on carrying out combats, but if we are immersed in a world where being hidden is crucial, since both violence and corpses are recurring elements in which it is not necessary to get directly involved unless that is necessary.
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How to get the radio in Amnesia Rebirth?

It is necessary to explain to you first that in the room where the radio is usually found there is also an element necessary for the elaboration of gunpowder and that is saltpeter, since finding the radio is simply a puzzle that leads us to have to perform two specific tasks that allow us to overcome the fear that the stalking of a murderous demon can generate.

Fix the elevator: This is one of the two tasks necessary to know how to get the radio, only it is a bit difficult since we are in the barracks and they usually have some mazes, as well as puzzles that need to be solved, in such a way that our first task begins with the elevator that is located in the corner of the lower left side and in the same way the pulley that is located on the upper right side, in such a way that our first option of accessing from the Entrance from the right side to enter the dark corridors in Amnesia Rebirth and thus get to an open area, here it is possible to see a spear launcher that is located near the stairs that lead us to a dead end, since on these sides it is necessary to choose to take the pulley device that is located in the part of this weapon and continue our journey to take it to the elevator.

Now it is necessary to open our inventory and proceed to place our pulley in the slot that is open of the elevator, to then choose to go close it manually, then we must get a wooden board and for this it is ideal to go to the bedroom that is located by the right side of the elevator, there we take the table and proceed to place it in such a way that this allows us to be able to position ourselves on it while the elevator goes up and make use of the crank, which we can perfectly do either using the mouse on our PC or the D-pad on the console, to shape our objective on How to get the radio since this is simply an essential tool.

Crush the ground: This is the other task necessary to know how to get the radio, since we have managed to overcome part of the puzzle, and we are relatively close to completing it, at this point it is normal to have some fear since we find the cannon in the floor and it is our task to push it to the weak section of the floor above the room, but this is a task that we cannot do immediately since it is vital to find two wheels that are missing and with which it is possible to make the cannon can move in such a way that just by giving it a little push it can explode on the ground and with it we can finally get the radio to locate other targets in Amnesia Rebirth

Location of Amnesia Rebirth wheels

  •  The first is next to the canyon, which makes us understand that it is easy to locate since it is only necessary to move through the main corridor and be close to the canyon to get it.
  • The second wheel is on the side opposite to the weak ground, which leads us to have to locate the door where we can observe some number of corpses on the other side of the canyon, it is only necessary to locate ourselves in one of the corners to observe it and take it.

 Now that you know how to get the radio, it's time to take a walk to solve this interesting puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth.

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