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2020-10-23 12:10:28

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Amnesia Rebirth has arrived and with it some number of eventualities which leads us to tell you how to destroy the fortress floor

What is the need to break the fortress floor at Amnesia Rebirth?

This is a game where most of its activities are based on puzzles, in such a way that it is necessary to break the ground of the fortress to continue on our journey, only at this point it is necessary to have completed the puzzle related to The elevator, however, this seems to be a comfortable enough task and this is because the floor already seems to be somewhat weakened, only that it is somehow necessary to break it because through it we can find the radio.
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How to destroy the fortress floor in Amnesia Rebirth?

This is a task that leads us to locate ourselves in a specific section in such a way that we are allowed to have the possibility of moving the barrel to the most fragile part of the ground, only that the barrel will only have two wheels, which takes us in first instance to consider getting the remaining ones to be able to mobilize it.

Our route to locate the two remaining wheels allows us, on the one hand, to find one close enough to the same canyon and then choose to access the room that contains many corpses, luckily it is located quite close, so as soon as we have them it is only necessary to proceed to place them in their respective place to push the cannon and thereby destroy the ground.

  This is all you need to know about How to destroy the fortress floor, as the floor is already a little weak which makes the job easier for us in Amnesia Rebirth.

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