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2020-10-23 12:13:29

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Amnesia Rebirth has arrived and with it some number of interesting elements in such a way that it is necessary to know How to create Vitae

What is the vitae in Amnesia Riberth?

  This is practically a necessary trophy that is vital to help the unborn baby, this can take us some field work that little by little becomes rewarding, and thus allows us to get the opportunity to unlock the achievement of the torturer.
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How to create vitae in Amnesia Rebirth?

It is necessary to consider creating it with the purpose of saving the bene Amary, of course this is if we are opting for the good ending, starting from the need to torture a man to help the baby, and this makes us have to look for a device in triangle shape, apart from this to achieve a diagram of a machine and its parts, as well as some necessary parts for which it is necessary to move a considerable amount and these are:

  •  The blue boat.
  • The yellow pot.
  • An oval shaped piece.


 Once we have achieved the necessary requirements, it is time to start our torture work so we proceed to operate the control panel, and we leave it in this way until the process can be completed, then we only have to talk with a stranger to finally choose for sitting in the chair to do our creative work, and this offers us the opportunity to close with a flourish by getting the trophy.

 This is all you need to know about How to create Vitae, as it is a necessary task to get a good ending in Amnesia Rebirth, give it a try.

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