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Find out where to find the most viewed videos in this excellent and explanatory YouTube guide.

What to know about YouTube?

Certainly the content that we can find on this platform is too broad, all for the purpose of entertainment, between the different searches comes the need to understand where to find the most viewed videos, this can help us to determine what the competition does to attract the attention of the many users who are looking for such visual entertainment, keeping in mind with more reason if we want to make a publication, then to have an ideal of where to find the most viewed videos in YouTube we are going to have to consider the following details, let's see.

Where to find the most viewed videos on YouTube?

Without actually importing the purpose of this search, what we will do is go through the categories or use keywords to find out where to find the most viewed videos, if so, follow the following steps:

  •  In the search bar of YouTube we can put the keywords of what we are looking for, then we press on search.
  • The results will be seen at the bottom, sorting automatically according to how we have the preferences of the searches, which do not have to do with the amount of visualization that these videos have.
  • With the search filters we can be more precise, in ordering by, and we choose the count of views.
  • In this way we can see resolved where to find the most viewed videos in YouTube, noting the list according to the chosen category.

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    Most viewed videos by channel: certainly when frequenting the platform we may want to go further in the search for the most viewed videos, we can specify the intention of locating them by favorite channels, with this also a necessary filter is required to find them, there is only to follow the following steps:

    •  We entered YouTube to find the channel in specifying its corresponding most viewed videos.
    • We choose videos from the channel and we will notice them ordered by upload date.
    • We can sort by most popular through the upper right corner of the screen.
    • At the beginning, the ones that have been seen the most of the channel appear.


     The most viewed videos of all time: our intention being to know where to find the most viewed videos, we have to expand the search and discover which are the most viewed of all time, something that we must do through some specialized pages that have to do with this platform, then we can consider some below.

    •  Statista and Wikipedia: certainly through YouTube it is not possible to find those videos that have achieved the views of all time, for this we can use both Statista or Wikipedia, from these web sites we can find said search, which is kept updated constant.
    • Popular on YouTube: it is a channel that accumulates the most outstanding videos, trailers, music clips and comedy fragments that cause a constant boom, going through the different categories noting even the most viewed of all time.
    • Music tables: this is a place that has its focus only on music videos, mainly those that are most popular in the United States, this search can even be done by categories, the best songs, artists and up to the 100 best videos according to the popularity that these have achieved.
    • Trends: this is a blog that allows highlighting current and previous trends of the platform, here we will undoubtedly have resolved where to find the most viewed videos, even the music videos that have managed to be the most viewed of all time, to through a list that makes the indications having its constant update.


     In our channel: once we have our own channel it is appropriate to have an idea of ​​which are the videos with the most visits of our channel, for this we will do the following:

    •  We open our channel, in the menu of this we choose analysis, most viewed videos and see more.
    • The result will be the list of our uploaded videos, having at the top the list in order of the most viewed with the corresponding number and more details.


     Pending trends: it is important to know what causes the platform to boom, so it is ideal to save it in our playlist, having it well specified by video categories or together in a single table, to access these videos whenever we want.

     Finally, now that we know where to find the most viewed videos, we can continue to enjoy the proper knowledge on YouTube and the most popular.

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