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Knowing how to fix error code 0x87e5002b is a necessary task and therefore we are going to explain what to do to solve it in Xbox.

What is error code 0x87e5002b in Xbox?

It is difficult to avoid getting bugs, since they are part of all games, consoles and others, sometimes they can become a bit more tedious and annoying than others, however, knowing how to fix error code 0x87e5002b leads us to indicate some solutions that They can perfectly well be applied and fortunately these have been duly provided by Microsoft.
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    How to fix error code 0x87e5002b in Xbox?

    Execute the Power Cycle: choosing to do the Power Cycle can allow us not only to repair these faults or some other inconveniences with which it is possible to achieve, and for this it is necessary:


    •  We turn off the console.
    • We proceed to unplug the cables.
    • We will wait about 2 minutes.
    • We connected the cables one more time and started the console.
    • To finish we open the game and that's it.


     Delete Mac address: this is an option that can be perfectly well used to resolve this failure and can be done in this way:


    •  Go to settings and locate network settings.
    • Next we locate advanced settings.
    • Next we access to Alternative Mac Address and from there to delete.
    • Once this has been done it will be necessary to restart our console.
    • It is feasible to restart the internet router.
    • To finish we start the console and proceed to play.


     Restart the console: this is the last option to execute, it is not recommended doing so, however, if you reach this point you will require:

    •  Choose to write down the account email address and password.
    • Go to the console settings.
    • Go to configuration and from there to system.
    • Next we go to console information and there we locate reset this Xbox.
    • Access to restore and preserve my games and applications.
    • Then we proceed to restart the console and that's it.

     Now that you know the solution to know how to repair error code 0x87e5002b, you can apply the one that is most comfortable for you, however, it is worth keeping an eye on the news of Xbox at

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