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Today we present you a Xbox guide where we tell you how to download games while in sleep mode.

What does it mean to download games while the Xbox is in sleep mode?

  Simply having the possibility of taking some advantage, and that can well be done calmly avoiding the issue of impatience to play, which usually occurs when the Xbox is usually not at rest, in this sense, know how to download games while it is In sleep mode, it offers us the possibility of executing this process, especially if we take into consideration that, this console has a considerable variety of games, some players do not know that this download process can occur with the console at rest, which is not more than a short break without turning it off.

How to download games while in sleep mode in Xbox?

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    This sleep mode allows us to have energy savings and it may take around 40 seconds to start up, this is a normal process, in this sense, it may well be favorable to carry out the game download process, in fact we have the ability to wait for applications to be installed and updated to the console.

    To put the console on instant on it is usually necessary:


    •  Press the green button on the remote to then go to System and from there to Settings.
    • It is often necessary to find and select from the Power and Startup Mode menu to find Power Options to highlight Power Mode and press A.
    • You can choose between Instant On or Power Saving, selecting Instant to activate it.


     Placing the Xbox Series X / S in instant-on mode requires:


    •  Press the green button on our remote to select Profile and System.
    • Then we must go to Settings and from there to General.
    • We locate the Power Mode and apply On.


     Once these have been given, it is usually necessary to have a good internet connection to carry out the download process, this will avoid the frustration or anxiety of swearing quickly, which makes you know how to download games while in mode. suspension is a simple task, this because watching the download process every minute can be a frustrating matter.

     This is all we can tell you about How to download games while in sleep mode, so that with this process you will be able to download games with due peace and then play them on your Xbox as usual.

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