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Today we bring for you a guide from Xbox Series X where we will tell you about How to prevent overheating.

What to know about overheating in Xbox Series X?


 Despite being so excellent for games will come to be exposed to overheating our console, even though this designed for a highly effective cooling, at some point can be seen reaching high temperatures, we must always seek to avoid it, because it will slow down and even affect important components of the console, now sought to be up to date on How to avoid overheating follow closely the details that brings us this guide below, let's see.


How to prevent overheating in Xbox Series X?


 Prevention becomes important, in this case, there are reasons to be aware of How to prevent overheating in Xbox Series X, although the design is so suitable for high temperatures, this situation may arise because we give an extensive use or have poor ventilation, it is a factor of great interest to see.

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    The priority for the creators of the Xbox Series X has been ventilation and cooling, achieving even that we can place it vertically or horizontally, it is important to consider some aspects that will be useful in terms of How to avoid overheating we have the following:


    •  On a stable surface we must place it that helps to keep it without pressure.
    • Avoid direct heat sources.
    • On the sides there should be at least 4 to 6 inches of space for air to circulate.
    • Do not place it in closed places such as a cabinet.


     It is important to make sure that there is no blockage in the ventilation of the Xbox Series X, because having it in places such as on a carpet can cause the blockage of the air outlets, helping to accumulate more dust and fibers, making the cooling system does not perform its function properly, this should be avoided in terms of How to prevent overheating.


     It is possible that when we find a game so demanding for the Xbox Series X to be so addictive we get to be playing for hours, then as to How to prevent overheating we must turn it off, we have so for an hour minimum, we can move it to a place that has more ventilation, even check for the presence of dust or any blockage, we can gently vacuum the vents to be removed the residue or dust accumulated, in some cases it has been seen that switching to power saving mode may be necessary.


     Having tried the above indications as to How to prevent overheating in Xbox Series X without having positive results we have to be able to reset the console so that this factory in its values, we will go to settings, system, console information and reset the console, while it was chosen keeping game and applications to avoid loss of our content, we can also contact the support to add assistance, considering that it can happen if our console is recent, because this will have warranty in force, being the possibility that there is a problem with a fan and it is necessary to repair it, we will notice the signals when our console is heated, being the fans the most common, at some point the fans will go to million with a lot of noise.


     There is another signal to take care of, being this the problem of performance, failures in the graphics, in frames and loading time, this gives clearly that there is a high temperature in our console, in spite of over How to prevent overheating we can have it in another instant the same, although there is another series of problems that will lead to the same thing and finally noticing that we get the message that the console is heating a lot, it is important that we are attentive without ignoring what happens, it is of the clearest to know about it, managing to take measures in time that will lead us to the cooling of the console.


     Despite how powerful it can be our Xbox Series X we have that there are inevitable things like this overheating of the console, operating temperatures are between 60 to 75 degrees, this level is manageable by the console, then we must always prevent so that the risks are lower by taking the measures indicated here.


     Finally, now that we know how to prevent overheating we can give the correct use to this interesting console as it is the Xbox Series X.

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