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2021-08-06 08:32:01

Find out about How to fix the PBR10321 error in this excellent and explanatory Xbox Series X guide.

What to know about the PBR10321 error in Xbox Series X?

It is an inconvenience that occurs when wanting to buy, presenting the message indicating that we cannot complete it by this form of payment, try a different form, then apparently another payment method must be used to resolve it, However, it is appropriate to have more details on How to repair the PBR10321 error and they will be presented in the following content, see
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How to fix PBR10321 error in Xbox Series X?

So if we want to solve this error, we simply have to use another form of payment other than the one that generated the error, then for this we add another option by pressing the button on our remote to choose the profile and system, we will go through configuration and choose the account , we enter the option to choose payment and billing where we can add the new way of paying, which then allows us to have the new payment option, we follow the instructions on the screen that leads us to add the credit card, debit card, PayPal or mobile phone.

  Now that you know how to fix the PBR10321 error, just do it and keep having fun with the Xbox Series X.

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