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Faults persist in Xbox Series X which allows to tell you how to fix Drive Reading Error.

What is disk Drive Reading Error in Xbox Series X?

  This is an error that we recently got on this console and that does not allow us to recognize the disk, in such a way that knowing How to fix Drive Reading Error allows us to apply some simple, but necessary solutions that They allow us to respond to this problem and thus continue to enjoy the Xbox Series X.

How to fix disk Drive Reading Error in Xbox Series X?

This problem is usually quite easy to fix and this involves:
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    Check that the disc is clean and does not present any physical damage: this because sometimes being scratched or broken can bring us some inconveniences, in this sense, it will be to eject the disc and proceed to restart our Xbox Series X, once it has been reloaded and return to the home screen, we reinsert the disk and verify that the failure does not appear again, so that knowing how to repair the disk drive reading error allows us to apply this quick and easy solution.

    Test the disk in another Xbox Series X: this is another solution that we can apply perfectly well and that allows us to check if the problem is with the disk in the disk drive.

    Check that the Blu-ray player is installed correctly: we continue talking about How to fix the disk drive reading error and it is necessary to check that the player application is installed correctly because otherwise it may throw us the problem, in fact, it is possible to verify that the Blu-ray or DVD that we want to reproduce is in the correct region format.

    Problems related to the power mode
    : we continue talking about answers and when we have checked the previous solutions without favorable results it is possible that the power mode is affecting our Xbox Series X and this makes it not able to read the discs.

    Review the Hardware
    : sometimes it is necessary to change the disk unit or repair it to know how to repair the disk unit reading error, so that in this case it is vital to check the category in which our console can be found and in this sense, it is necessary:

    Change the ignition mode:
    in case you are using the instant ignition, which leads to restarting our console and this implies:


    •  Press the Xbox button in order to open the guide and proceed to select "Profile and system".
    • Then we select "Settings" and then General "to access" Power and boot mode. "
    • Next we select "Energy Mode" and then we select "Energy Saving".
    • Then we carry out a complete power cycle for which it is necessary to press the Xbox button on the console for a few seconds so that it can turn off and then proceed and press the Xbox button once more in order to restart.
    • Then we test the disc once more and wait a few seconds in order to verify that our console recognizes it, so that when we can read it we will proceed to return to the on mode.

     Now that you know how to fix the disk Drive Reading Error, it is time to apply one of these solutions and thus continue to enjoy Xbox Series X.

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