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Angel Marquez
2022-03-15 15:17:04

With our Xbox Remote Play guide you will learn more about how to fix Xbox Remote Play not working.

What to know about Xbox Remote Play?

It is an interesting function that is presented for Xbox games, achieving with this some freedoms of how we will be playing them, but it is possible that for no reason this option may stop working, in this case of going through it it is ideal that we have Note How to fix Xbox Remote Play not working and for that let's follow the details in the content below.

How to fix Xbox Remote Play not working?

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Depending on the situation that causes this problem with Xbox Remote Play, a set of possible solutions will be presented, it is important to note that only one connection is possible at the same time, in case someone else is seen trying to join it will not be possible, then there may be the cause of the problem, for details of How to fix Xbox Remote Play not working there are the following indications:

The verification of the Xbox status through the application, in case of doing it on a mobile we have to go to profile, configuration, support and comments, Xbox status, here we will know about the cuts that affect the service, in case there are no no failure in this we have to do a restart of the application, it is important that we manage the same Xbox account for the application that we use to enable remote play on our console, it can certainly happen that there are connection problems because an update is necessary of our console, so we must look for them and then try to see if it works.

It is possible that the Xbox Remote Play is not enabled, so if so, we open the guide, enter the profile and system, go through configuration, devices and connections, remote functions, which we must enable, so we will mark it, the following is do a restart of the console and the device used, in case of continuing with the same problem we have to contact Microsoft to receive assistance, with some patience we will be enjoying this interesting function.

 This way we finish our Xbox Remote Play guide, now you know how to fix Xbox Remote Play not working, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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