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In this guide entry we will explain everything about How to change server in Wuthering Waves.

 What are the advantages of changing servers for Wuthering Waves?

Before getting into the process of changing server regions, it is essential to understand the idea of ​​server regions in Wuthering Waves. Servers serve as virtual spaces where players communicate, establish alliances, and participate in other game-related activities. Each server region represents a specific geographic area, which is often related to particular languages, time zones, and player demographics. Players can gain several advantages by deciding to change server regions.

  • Relationships with friends: Your friends or fellow players may be playing in a different server area, prompting them to move to your servers to share adventures.
  • Exploring Diversity: By moving to a new server region, you can experience different play styles, find different player communities, and immerse yourself in different gaming cultures.
  • Time Zone Convenience: Changing the server time zone allows you to align your game schedule with players in a different time zone, ensuring optimal gaming experiences and timely interactions.

How to change servers in Wuthering Waves?

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Manual Method: Adjust Server Region in Wuthering Waves

  • Step One Start the party. Open Wuthering Waves on your mobile device. To make the server change without problems, make sure you have a stable Internet connection.
  • Step Two Access the settings menu: Find “Settings” in the game interface. This is usually in the main menu.
  • Step Three Navigate to Server Settings. Find "Server Settings" or "Server Region" in the Settings menu. To access the server administration screen, click this option.
  • Step Four Select the server region you want: You will find a list of available server regions on the Server Settings screen. Before choosing, consider the regions and their characteristics, such as language and time zone.
  • Step Five After selecting the desired server region, the game will ask you to confirm your decision. To start the server switching process, confirm the confirmation dialog.
  • Step Six Note Server Migration: The server switching process may take several minutes, depending on the game mechanics.

This is everything you need to know about changing servers in Wuthering Waves, just follow our steps and you will achieve it without further complexity.

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