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With our help you will see that knowing How to Remove Glyphs in World of Warcraft is easier than you think, so pay close attention.

What to know about glyphs in World of Warcraft?

It is a cosmetic option that only allows alterations in the appearance of the spells, now when it was present for the first time in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, the use of them was different, which had so many effects and adjustments in the spells such as skills, achieving an impact on our power during the expansion, it is worth highlighting the presence of two types of glyphs at that time, they were the major and minor with the purpose of improving the classes while we improved our level up to 80, now in This time to answer How to Remove Glyphs in World of Warcraft it is appropriate to see some instructions later, let's see.

How to Remove Glyphs in World of Warcraft?

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The first thing to note is that we must have the evanescent dust element, we can find it in auction stores or with item sellers, practically in most of the cities in the game they will be present, now the cost of evanescent dust It is 15 silver if we use the auction option and the sellers have it at 40 silver, in order to obtain this element we will have to apply the following steps:

  • In our inventory we will locate the evanescent dust and right click on it to open the book.
  • We choose the spell that has the glyph attached, we will know it because it will show a pink flash on the upper left edge.
  • We press right click to eliminate the glyph of said spell

Once we have eliminated the glyph, it is possible to add a new one as long as we have it in our inventory. We can buy the glyphs at the auction house, create them with the inscription profession or keep them with the original effects and appearance. It should be noted that if we have applied the effect of the glyph in several specializations we have to eliminate it.

In this way we reach the end of this explanation on How to Remove Glyphs in World of Warcraft, it will only be up to you to continue progressing with the instructions presented here.

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