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2024-05-22 09:01:02

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We invite you to discover How to unlock Sledgehammer in MW3 and Warzone a new task with precise details.

The hammer is a new melee weapon coming to the games, Warzone and MW3 Season 4 will introduce four new weapons to your arsenal, including the Kar98k pistol and the iconic SPAS-12, now known as Reclaimer 18. New is the Sledgehammer , a brutal melee weapon that is sure to deal a lot of damage. Mercy, here we will have covered what to do to unlock it, just pay attention to the next text of this guide, let's see.

How to unlock Sledgehammer in MW3 and Warzone?

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Sledgehammer is coming to MW3 and Warzone as part of the Season 4 Reloaded update scheduled for June 26, but no details on how to unlock it have been revealed yet. Since Reclaimer 18 is also launching mid-season, the Hammer could be one of the smaller rewards for Area 23, which is said to be a secret area of the Season 4 Battle Pass. Additionally, it may also be a weekly challenge reward or unlock a simple arsenal that requires multiple daily challenges. Many new melee weapons have been received since their release, but the Gladiator and Soulrender focus on speed and mobility. However, as the developers pointed out in part 4 of the blog, Sledgehammer is completely force-prone.

“This blunt monster is not designed for driving nails into wood, it has a 20-pound head forged from carbon steel and beveled edges to prevent the weapon from splitting on impact,” they said. This monster melee weapon can generate enormous brute force. Deal rapid damage, hit enemies, or deal massive damage after a brief pause and impact.

That's all we know about Sledgehammer unlocking. Once the claims are revealed, we will be sure to find the relevant details to continue enjoying the content that is being added in MW3 and Warzone.

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