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2022-10-05 10:28:38

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Changes in weapons are necessary, so we invite you to find out which is the best QBZ-83 class in Warzone season 5.

What is the point of having the best QBZ-83 build in Warzone season 5?

Having the opportunity to apply a series of improvements that allow us to modify this assault rifle and make it much more powerful, this is not a new weapon, we have had the opportunity to use it, in Cold War for example we have an interesting cycle , there were some considerable improvements, although it is true that in Warzone the selection rate of this weapon is quite low, it does not mean that it cannot be open to considerable changes, this is a weapon that is worth modifying without thinking twice .

 It is necessary to take into account that there are two aspects to consider in this series of accessories and they are related to the headshot multiplier, in addition to the neck damage multiplier, this makes aiming at the head without a doubt the better alternative.

What is the best QBZ-83 class in Warzone season 5?

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  • Muzzle: agency suppressor.
  • Barrel: 15.5″ Duty Force
  • Optics: 3x Axial Arms
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grab
  • Magazine: STANAG 60 round drum.


  This loadout usually gives us more recoil control, damage range, as well as the ability to stay on target, target the upper body which makes headshots much clearer and more accurate.

  Now that you know what is the best QBZ-83 class in Warzone season 5, you can apply these accessories and get the most out of this weapon, give it a try.

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