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The riddles offer us interesting activities, and for this reason we will explain How to Solve Dune of Elusion Underground Puzzle in Genshin Impact.

What to know about the puzzle of the dune of elusion in Genshin Impact?

This is another of the puzzles that come to life in this game and that allows us to get involved in a very interesting challenge, this is part of the new content that has been added and that is made up of more monsters, characters and elements, this in the middle of a wide enough world where we can do explorations to unlock some new things, among these things is usually the puzzle that we are talking about here and that involves us in a series of activities of interest.

How to Solve Dune of Elusion Underground Puzzle in Genshin Impact?

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This game offers us the opportunity to do a good amount of exploration as we go, so solving this puzzle makes it necessary to take care of locating ourselves in The Dune of Ellusion, which is nothing more than a new area that is usually revealed in the update most recent of the game, this makes it necessary to take care of traveling underground to access this puzzle, this implies taking care of looking for the entrance and proceeding to look for a ladder to get off, it should be noted that this riddle requires the use of structures to rotate the cell, we will get him immediately and here we can make use of the left in order to turn him twice to open the next door, through this we must take the elevator to reach the lower floor of Dune where there is a structure in which it is done need to click Release.

Knowing how to solve the puzzle of the dune of elusion in Genshin Impact makes it necessary to continue the task and in this case we must send the elevator back up, this makes another elevator go down, this is usually used to travel further down where we will see some enemies at those that we will face, we must defeat them to be able to loot the chest, in addition, we will see some doors where we get a current of wind that allows us to go back up, we only press release on the structure to activate the statue and in this way slide, we are allowed see some totems in the landscape of the air, so we will use an Electro character with a bow to be able to hit them all and activate them, by doing so we will get other chests that usually contain rewards inside.

We continue to climb the stairs until we reach the next floor where we open the door with the button near it, this makes it necessary to clear the room of the enemies to get the chest, to finish, we must take the elevator in order to reach the top, there we will see a Dendroculus which is usually needed to complete this puzzle.

This is all you need to do to know How to Solve Dune of Elusion Underground Puzzle in Genshin Impact, it is a simple task as long as you follow the instructions, in addition to having the indicated characters for it, try it.

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