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2022-10-05 10:24:34

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Today we bring you a guide on How to activate SMS Protect in Overwatch 2 precisely.

What to know about SMS Protect in Overwatch 2?

 In order to keep our account safe from hackers and data thieves, we can count on this security feature, which allows cheaters and bad actions related to false registrations to become difficult, thus maintaining our privacy. , only that we must be aware of what to do to activate SMS Protect and to help us we have the content to be presented below, let's see.

How to turn on SMS Protect in Overwatch 2?

 We will use the two-step verification to increase the security of our account, this requires websites and programs, by activating it we will be protected from the many harmful possibilities that exist, we start with having a smartphone that has text messaging, we cannot use Apple or WhatsApp messages for this configuration, now to activate it we apply the following:
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We log in with the game account we use for

We go on to enter account details on the left of the screen.

We will look for the option to add phone number in the number column and go down.

You must receive the text message with the security code when entering the phone number.

The received code will be used by us on the account page.

With this we will be notified that we have been successful with the phone number assigned to our account, and we can play normally.

  Now that we know how to turn on SMS Protect in Overwatch 2, we only have to do it to enjoy this new installment of a great game.

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