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How to Complete Missile Transports Mission in Warzone DMZ with our expert guide. Step by step instructions to conquer your battlefield.

Welcome, fellow gamers! In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of completing the Missile Transports mission in Warzone DMZ. Get ready for an exciting adventure as we locate and transport those remaining missiles!

Warzone DMZ is a thrilling multiplayer online game that puts you in the shoes of a highly skilled operative tasked with completing various missions. The Missile Transports mission is one of the most challenging and rewarding missions in the game, and by following this guide, you'll be well on your way to victory.

So grab your weapons, assemble your squad, and let's dive into the details of how to complete the Missile Transports mission in Warzone DMZ!

Locating the Transportation Plans

The first step in completing the Missile Transports mission is to locate the transportation plans. These plans will provide valuable information on the whereabouts of the missiles and the best approach to secure them.

Head to the Konni Ship

To begin your mission, make your way to the Konni Ship. This ship is an abandoned cargo vessel located on the outskirts of the warzone. It serves as a central hub for various missions, including the Missile Transports mission.

Eliminate AI Soldiers

Upon arriving at the Konni Ship, you'll encounter AI soldiers guarding the area. Your objective is to eliminate them and secure the location. Use your weapons and tactics to take down the enemy forces and gain control of the area.

Once you have eliminated the AI soldiers, search the vicinity for any clues or information that may point you in the right direction for the transportation plans. Keep an eye out for documents, maps, or even computer terminals that may hold valuable intel.

Finding the First Missile

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With the transportation plans in hand, it's time to locate the first missile. The plans should provide you with a general idea of where the missile is located, but you'll need to rely on your intuition and navigation skills to find the exact spot.

Al Samam Cemetery

According to the transportation plans, the first missile is hidden in the Al Samam Cemetery. This cemetery is a sprawling area filled with tombstones and mausoleums, providing ample hiding spots for the missile.

Approach the Center of the Cemetery

As you enter the cemetery, make your way towards the center. This is where you'll find the hidden cache containing the first missile. Be cautious, as enemy forces may be lurking in the shadows, waiting to ambush you.

Interact with IR Beacon Prompt

Once you've reached the center of the cemetery, keep an eye out for an IR Beacon prompt. Interact with it to activate the beacon, signaling the extraction team to transport the missile to a safe location.

Planting an IR Beacon at the Second Missile

Now that you've successfully secured the first missile, it's time to move on to the second one. However, this time, you'll need to plant an IR Beacon at the location before extraction can take place.

Random Spawn Points

Unlike the first missile, the location of the second missile is randomized. It can spawn in one of three different areas: the farms southeast of Al Sharim Pass, the Mawizeh Marshlands, or the Sattiq Cave Complex. Your task is to locate the note on the first missile container, which will provide clues on the specific spawn point.

Locate the Note on First Missile Container

To find the note, head back to the first missile container and search it thoroughly. The note will contain directions and hints on how to locate the second missile.

Follow Directions from Note

Once you have the note in hand, carefully read and analyze the directions provided. It may include landmarks, compass bearings, or even riddles that you'll need to decipher to locate the second missile. Use your map and compass to navigate the warzone and find the designated spawn point.

Once you've reached the spawn point, plant the IR Beacon to signal the extraction team. This will ensure that the second missile is safely transported to a secure location, preventing it from falling into enemy hands.

Congratulations! By following these simple steps, you have successfully completed the Missile Transports mission in Warzone DMZ! You've located and secured the missiles, ensuring they won't be used against your team or innocent civilians. Remember, each match may present unique challenges and variations, so adapt accordingly and have fun! Warzone DMZ is a dynamic and ever-evolving game, offering endless opportunities for exciting missions and thrilling gameplay.

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