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2022-08-29 09:39:20

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Crashes are normal in games and for this reason we will tell you how to fix Valorant not starting.

What is Valorant does not start?

  This is an inconvenience that we come across and that usually appears as a kind of blockage leaving us stuck, this is perhaps one of the most complex and annoying errors that we can get, so far it does not present any type of cause why it can be happening, but what we do know is that there are solutions that we can implement and to talk to you about it, we are here.

How to fix Valorant not starting?

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Before we get into the fixes it's good to make it clear that sometimes the game may not start when Cisco or Citrix software is usually running in the background.

To solve this error we must:


  •   Press Windows R and proceed to type “msconfig” and then press Enter.
  • Next, we will go to the Services tab and mark Hide all Microsoft services.
  • Next, we click Disable All and go to the Startup tab.
  • Next, we click Open task manager and disable one task at a time.
  • We proceed to restart the system and try to start the game to verify if the error persists.


  This is everything we know about How to fix Valorant not starting, just follow these instructions and that's it.

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