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Errors are a constant in games, and for this reason we will explain how to fix Valorant error 19.

What is Valorant error 19?

This is an inconvenience that we get and that does not allow us to connect to this game, fortunately there is a solution for this problem from our side, they are simple and can favor us; however, it is necessary to be clear that this is usually related to the servers and in this case, unfortunately, we cannot do anything but wait and be patient, this error usually occurs more regularly when we are trying to rank up, so that It is necessary to know how to fix Valorant error 19 because these types of problems only bring annoyance.

How to fix Valorant error 19?

There are some tasks that we can execute on our own, and they are:
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    Shut down all your Riot processes: This is a fix for which we must:

    Close Riot Vanguard and right-click on the taskbar, then select Task Manager to get these processes:

    • Riot Client (32-bit)
    • RiotClientCrashHandler (32-bit)
    • RiotClientUxRender (32-bit)

    It is vital to click on the processes and once you are ready, proceed to click on End task to close them.

    Restart the game or restart the computer: This is another fix that is favorable and usually generates a kind of refresh.

    Please wait while this error is resolved.

    Reinstalling the Riot client can be done, moreover, it is not recommended, we should only do it when there is no other alternative, to do so we must:

    • Press the Windows key and search for Riot Client.
    • We will look to click Uninstall and go to launch Valorant.
    • Riot Client usually reinstalls itself.

    We can conclude this guide on How to fix Valorant error 19, so that it will only be enough to apply some fixes or wait for this to solve itself.

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