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We invite you to discover the June Gift Codes, which we can use in Rise of Kingdoms.

  Rise of Kingdoms is a mobile game, to which you can enter June Gift Codes, to understand this fact we have the content of this guide to guide us, just pay attention and we'll see what it explains about it.

What to know about June Gift Codes at Rise of Kingdoms?

With the gift codes it is possible to introduce a series of bonuses and articles that will be useful to us in the game, sometimes the creators publish these codes, being so useful in improving buildings and even troops To know what they are, we have to continue reading until we find the precise details.
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What are the June Gift Codes at Rise of Kingdoms?

We have the gift codes are as follows:

  • nyprp7zp7q: with this you get a training, construction, research accelerator and 10 construction houses
  • tz4gusiwka: with this we have 1 diamond, 2 silver keys, 2 meals and 2 pieces of wood

It is possible that next month we will have more codes, so we will be back to guide you about them.

  This way we finish our guide on the June Gift Codes, we only hope that they are enjoyed to the fullest in Rise of Kingdoms.

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