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GTA Online: How to Get Special Cargo

2020-06-09 08:59:09

Our walk through GTA Online simply lets us know how to get Special Cargo, let's see.

Exactly what is Special Cargo on GTA Online?

Normally this is a game where there are a number of things to do, because although robberies have been practically our most recent work, it is necessary to consider other jobs and know how to obtain a special charge is simply interesting, and this is because it is a mission necessary to carry out and that has been recently incorporated in this game after the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, it can become somewhat complex but with some help it is possible to carry out without major inconvenience.

What is Special Cargo mission in GTA Online?

One of the most important tasks that it is necessary to know is how to get Special Cargo and this means knowing what exactly they are, since these missions can be purchased, the good thing is that they can be executed in the sessions published in the free mode, since these in themselves involve a player in the theft of a load that has been purchased in the beginning and be able to choose to carry out this mission in a limited way since it is truly dangerous.

How to get special load on GTA Online?

Special Cargo in the first place could be obtained by purchasing a mission, since this can be done from our office in the SecuroServ terminal, since comfort seems to play a fundamental role in this regard.

After having bought it, it is necessary to consider picking it up, but this simply represents a considerable danger, so it will be necessary to leave with some caution and choose to make the purchase of just one box, although it is possible that buying 3 boxes could be much more Viable or effective it is highly likely that we will get some not very pleasant surprises, so it is better to do something that we can simply master as comfortably as possible.

It is vital to consider that as soon as the purchase mission is launched, it is when we can choose to collect our Special Cargo box, but we must be cautious because normally there may be someone who is interested in stealing from us and this becomes a little more complex since knowing How to obtain a Special Cargo is not something fairly easy, therefore the need to not collect more than one load because it would be quite complicated. Collecting all the boxes can be a complex task and perhaps a bit exhausting but it is a task that will be worth it, because as soon as we have them all it is possible to sell them for a sum of up to about 150,000 dollars, a very relevant profit.

The loads that we have bought in GTA Online can only be executed in a public online session and this allows us to have several points, because here we will be forced to face other players who wish not only to take our boxes but destroy them, since it is what that we would also do, after having taken them it is necessary to go to the warehouse and return for another load once more.

 Now that you know how to get a Special Cargo, dedicate yourself to getting as many boxes as you can, so go patiently and accumulate the necessary ones to get a good amount of money in GTA Online.

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