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We came here to talk to you about Valorant, because it is important to explain how to move the game.

What is the purpose of moving the game in Valorant?

  Simply put, in some cases this may be due to the need to free up space on the PC, or just that we are better interested in placing it in an SSD, because at the end of how many we are free to choose, what if it is necessary to consider, is to do it in such a way that allows us to continue playing normally.

How to move the game in Valorant?

  This is a somewhat long process and for this it is necessary to consider:
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    • Copy and paste the Valorant Program and Riot Client files.
    • Reinstall the game on a new drive.


     In case of choosing to move the game to another new unit, it is ideal to bet on reinstalling the game, for this it is necessary to take a look at the internet connection, since it is necessary to download it, and from there, log into the account Riot Games to start the game.

    It is possible to move it to a new drive without downloading and reinstalling, this requires:


    •  Copy the Valorant and Riot Client folders.
    • Then paste them into the folder of the desired drive.
    • Next we must go to unit C.
    • Choose to find the folder "ProgramData"
    • Go to the file "RiotClientInstalls.json" and open it in a notepad.
    • Check the indicated route and choose to replace it with a new one.
    • We proceed to save the notepad.
    • Next in the Riot Games folder we locate the folder "Metadata"
    • Next we go to the folder "", we open the file "" with the notepad.
    • Next we change the paths for "product_install_full_path" and "product_install_root".
    • We proceed to save the notepad file and that's it.

     Now that you know how to move the game, it's time to run it and continue playing Valorant.

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