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Today we bring a Discord guide where we intend to explain how to fix the no-start error.

What is the no-start error in Discord?

This is simply an inconvenience with which we get, because on some occasions it can frustrate us because it does not allow us to open the platform, in such a way that knowing how to fix the no-start error leads us to consider some solutions, so keep reading and this way we are allowed to access.

How to fix no startup error in Discord?

There are some simple solutions that can be applied, and they are nothing to write home about, for this it is necessary to consider:

Force the closure of Discord:
This is an action that can be applied and there are occasions when Discord may be running in the background, therefore, this does not allow us to access the platform, in this sense, we must:
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    • Force close by pressing the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys so that the task manager can appear.
    • Then we locate the “Processes” tab to search for Discord, and we choose to right-click on the “Applications” section and choose to force shutdown.
    • Then we start it and that's it.

    Restart the PC: This is a fairly common action in many cases where we have failures, there are even people who before applying a solution go directly to restart the PC or turn it off for a few minutes, this will allow us to enter Discord without any complication.

    Opting for the run command:
    this is an applicable action for Windows and this simply requires:
    • Open it by pressing the Windows R keys simultaneously.
    • Then we locate the program box that usually opens at the bottom on the left side of the screen where we will write cmd.exe
    • Then we write F / IM discord.exe
    • Then we proceed to load Discord and that's it.

    Reset Discord: This is the last option that we usually execute, because it is a method that we perform once we exhaust the previous actions, this usually leads us to reinstall discord, this action may take little time because it is a small application, for this it is necessary to access to files from the Discord website.

    This is all you need to know about How to fix the no-start error, in this way you can access all the content that Discord has for everyone.

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