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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-11 14:25:24

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Searches in Valheim are done frequently, and it is important to know where to find thistle, let's see.

What is thistle in Valheim?

It is a material that is required to make things in the cauldron, which ends up being a factor to keep us alive in the game, this is a plant that complements the creation of mead bases and more. Which makes it necessary to understand where to find thistle and for this we must focus on the details offered below.

Where to find thistle in Valheim?

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This material can be found in a couple of biomes, specifically they are the swamp and the black forest, certainly there are creatures and enemies being an obstacle, so being prepared is ideal, it is a blue plant that shines, which It is an indication of detecting it without problems in any of the 2 biomes, it must be taken into account that when obtaining the thistle it is possible to make the mead of resistance to frost and poison, being something vital for our performance, it is even an ingredient It is used to make sausages that also requires raw meat and entrails added to the thistle.

 It is necessary to be prepared with the best weapons in the swamp biome, this because we will get to face the Blobs, Draugr, Skeleton, Surtling, Wraith and more, also taking advantage of the countless resources that can be obtained by being here, now if we leave to the black forest biome, there are enemies such as gray dwarfs, trolls and skeletons, certainly there are also resources to consider here, it is opportune to go through the caves of the trolls and the burial chambers, taking advantage of everything that is presented to improve in the game.

Definitely, knowing where to find thistle allows us to get involved in an interesting search that is only possible in Valheim, do it and tell us how it goes.

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